In three weeks we will be in the middle of the cloverleaf weekend that starts on September 10. Hopefully I have already seen many clovers pass by. In the meantime, the first socks have already been delivered and the rest will be delivered in the coming week.
Didn’t you order socks yet and do you still want to receive them? You can send me another message and I will arrange it for you. I still have ±40 pairs in stock.

There are quite a few questions about the event right now, so here’s the latest info on how to register and what exactly you’ll be doing over the weekend.

1. Register

Registration is free, but it’s nice to do. I really like to know who is participating and you will also receive some latest information, tips & tricks and of course a few nice assignments for on the road by email. Think of an issue such as “you are no longer able to do the shopping independently. How are you going to handle that?” “Can you create a low-stimulus space in your current home?”

How to register for the event? Go to the webshop and click on participation Cloverleaf tour. This will then be placed in your shopping cart. Go to your shopping cart, click on continue to checkout, fill in your details and click on place order. You will then see a total amount of 0 euros, because participation is free. In the week before the start of the event you will receive an email with the latest information.

The weekend itself

The event lasts four days (September 10-13), but that doesn’t mean you have to travel for four days. Then why is it four days?
First, because of my brain damage, I am not able to have an appointment or perform an activity every day. By spreading the event over several days, I have a better chance of participating myself.
In addition, one is possible on Saturday, the other is not. Maybe you like to go out with your colleagues on Friday afternoon, or as the start of a new working week. I’ve also heard plans for an activity per day, so I think we’re going to see some nice things.

Furthermore, the idea is that you do an activity of your choice, such as walking, cycling, swimming, skating or whatever, in the form of a cloverleaf. Do you find it difficult to make a route? Then read this blog again.
And does it not work in the form of a clover? No problem, of course, the fact that you go outside to exercise is also very nice. Or just try the single-leaf stem.
Where is the start? Where you want. There is no general starting point, but there are already some joint initiatives.
For example, on Saturday morning at 10:00 am there is swimming in Zeumeren, where I am present myself. A walk from Amelisweerd is also organized by Floor, a colleague of mine from Revius Doorn. See the announcement here:

In addition, when you register, you will receive a few dilemmas/assignments. I like to receive the results via Facebook, Instagram or via a message. And let me know if I can share that in a blog the weekend after.

Routes that are online

Here are a few routes that can already be found. The rest will be neatly placed on the website at a later time to download from there.

From Amersfoort:

Between Leiden, Amsterdam and Utrecht

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